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 yuyu_doujin - (sekahyyh)
04:48pm 03/02/2012
The Indomitable World Champion posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi
Hey all you crazy fans of Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi! I have two separate things I want to talk about.

The first is, I recently finished making High Quality scans of a Toguro/Genkai doujinshi, Frozen Sand, and then spent hundreds of dollars of my own money to have it scanlated! I hope to do this again (and the scanlation for Frozen Sand should be out reasonably soon, don't worry), but I'm not sure what you guys want to see scanned and scanlated. Is anybody interested in me doing a vote? I know I did it before, but my scanner stopped working not long after I posted that a year ago - and now, I've just managed to buy a new one! :) It does take about nine hours for me per scan, so it may happen slowly, and I probably won't have the money for another scanlation for quite some time, but in the meantime, if you're interested, comment here so I can share my list of owned doujinshi and talk to you about it.

Now for the next order of business:

I've officially entered the world of Yu Yu Hakusho Roleplaying! Does anyone want to suggest games or play with me in any capacity?

My accounts:

On Tumblr:

On Livejournal:

I'm still not too sure what I'm doing, but still, I'm having fun! If you have suggestions, or would like to Roleplay with me, please don't hesitate to speak up! I'm still learning my way around, and I have only a few people RPing with me so far. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy those accounts!
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Huge Moving SALE: cheap!!
 yuyu_doujin - (chochajin)
02:27pm 02/12/2011
超ちゃ人 posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi
You'll never get items for that cheap again. Now's your only chance! Everything must go!


Not only is it cheap, there's SO MANY items, that they don't fit in one entry!!

Selling Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi for super cheap, so have a look at PART 1 below!!

PART 1 - Doujinshi
(Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, Hitman, Dragonball, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Prince of Tennis and more!)

PART 2 - Various
Johnny's (CDs, photos, magazines, posters) / Japanese study material / figures (anime and Pinky St.) / merchandising / stationary (notebooks, diaries, stickers) / traditional (lucky charms, fans, souvenirs) / clothes and household items

PART 3 - Books, Manga, Magazines
(Japanese manga, magazines, artbooks, photobooks, movie pamphlets, guidebooks, books)

Directly from Japan to all over the WORLD!

Positive feedback from over 130 buyers so far!
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Springtime for Yu Yu Hakusho
 yuyu_doujin - (sekahyyh)
08:04am 01/10/2011
The Indomitable World Champion posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi

I hope there's people here who are enjoying my site, Springtime for Yu Yu Hakusho! I'm trying to spread the word about a few different things I'm working hard on building for everyone, so everyone can enjoy them, and some people can participate, if the mood takes them!

The Fanfiction Repository

The Fanfiction Repository will be a page where you can find fanfictions across all different genres for Yu Yu Hakusho, on top of the recommendations that are already there. This is going to be an interesting section, and I hope people consider submitting their own fanfictions, or just bookmarking it and enjoying what's there as more and more content goes up (I officially have more authors agreeing than artists have, so there should be no shortage of content). Contact me if you'd like to have your fanfiction appear there, too! I can never have too much content!

The Forum

I'm unveiling this feature this morning, and I am super excited about it! This is a fully-functional, safe forum, and you'll be able to make groups, posts, have a cute avatar and submit your own profile, join groups, make posts, upload pictures into albums, chat with people, friend people, etc. Please do check it out! Since I only finished creating it an hour ago after a day and night of hard work, as of this post there's only one member. I'm really hoping people will find this a fun experience and take this as a chance to chat in the context of Yu Yu Hakusho fandom.

The New Gallery

I've been contacting artists from all over the world and every corner of the fandom for permission to host their pictures, and the Gallery is now functional and cool. I wrote an apology to artists whose work I used without their permission, which you can read through that link. As of right now, the site only has pictures I bought or received explicit permission for in everything from the background to the decorations. Thank you for being patient while I rebuild it, and if you're an artist or know artists who might be interested in participating with my site, please let me know (or comment on this post, or even just shoot me a message).


This is where I’ll be hosting essays on characters and pairings from the show Yu Yu Hakusho, by the fans who love them! And, again, anyone can submit an essay to me. If you've already written one or feel motivated to try, I'd love to host it! Thank you.

Thank you, sincerely, for reading this. This website is not-for-profit, and I'm covering hosting costs out of my own pocket. Your interest is the only reason this website exists.
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Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi for sale :)
 yuyu_doujin - (animeaniac)
12:31am 19/08/2011
animeaniac posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi
Hey all,
Just posted a journal entry with Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi for sale, as well as a few other doujinshi's. Take a peek!


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(no subject)
 yuyu_doujin - (roseangel9413)
06:15pm 10/08/2011
roseangel9413 posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi
Hey Everyone!!
I'm doing some summer cleaning so I'm selling a lot of my Anime and J-Pop items. Anime includes Yu Yu Hakusho, Prince of Tennis, Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, and much more. J-Pop includes Kat-tun and D-Boys! I'm selling Posters, CD, DVDs, Manga, Doujinshi, Playing Cards, and other things.  All prices can be negotiated!!!! Check out my LiveJournal.

Click Link Below to check it out!!!
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selling Raizen/Mukuro doujinshi
 yuyu_doujin - (aweofshe)
04:59am 04/07/2011
Dr. Rusty Shackleford posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi
Hi all! I'm selling 1 Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi with a rare het pairing. Running out of space in my room so hoping it can find a new home. ^^ Also have more doujinshi from other series for sale on my sales journal. Please check there for buying info. Thank you!

info under cutCollapse )
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selling YYH doujinshi
 yuyu_doujin - (kurafufu)
02:42am 04/07/2011
no posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi
Hello! I'm selling one YYH doujinshi! It's Sensui/Hagiri which is a super rare pairing. I hope someone will be interested!

>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<

I'm also selling some one coin grande figures (YGO and Tales of Vesperia) as well as some Naruto and Samurai Troopers doujinshi! If anyone is also interested in those series, I hope you will check it out!

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment here on this post or on the post I linked! Or just send me an email if you would like to buy something! Thank you!
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(no subject)
 yuyu_doujin - (sekahyyh)
02:39pm 27/06/2011
The Indomitable World Champion posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi

Fuck that was a lot of work.
Sorry Springtime was down while I migrated everything over, but it’s working now, thank God. Still a lot of kinks to work out, but at least now people will (hopefully) not think the site's down.


Edit for new information: I had to buy an SSL and a dedicated IP address so users (that is, you guys) won't have to worry about getting a Connection Not Trusted sign. Because of this, once they process the sale my site will be down for another few hours. Don't worry, it'll come back up.

Edit of the edit: If you're overriding the connection not trusted and coming to a random site, that's my fault. I updated the DNS records erroneously and now the problem's fixed but the DNS Server hasn't updated yet. Once it does, it'll go to the real site. I really am sorry about this - I'm not a technological savant, and this site is my first attempt at anything like this. I know this is a very unprofessional server transfer, but there's not much I can do but learn from my mistakes.

Anyway, by tomorrow everything but the gallery should be operational.

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Selling Doujinshi!!
 yuyu_doujin - (snowtigra)
11:47pm 24/05/2011
Snow Tigra posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi
We're moving in a house soon, so we're sorting through all our stuff! We have a lot of doujinshi and these are the ones that we don't really need anymore. Let us know what state you live in and which ones you would like and we'll let you know about shipping. Depending on weight, it'll probably be a couple dollars.

Payment accepted by Paypal - snowtigra@yahoo.com

Am perfectly willing to take sample pictures, just let me know. Feel free to ask any questions!

((Several series! Not just Yu Yu Hakusho!))

Just head over to my journal for pictures and prices ^_^
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SELLING: YuYuHaku doujinshi
 yuyu_doujin - (chochajin)
06:46pm 06/03/2011
超ちゃ人 posting in Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshi

I live in Japan and although I live in quite a small place, I do have a huge collection of goodies.
Unfortunately I live in a small apartment which is why I can't keep all of my stuff.
I hope my things find a nice new owner (^-^) who enjoys them as much as I did! :3
I also sell new stuff, so check it out ^^

PART 1 - Doujinshi (Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, Hitman, Dragonball, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Prince of Tennis and more!)

PART 2 - Johnny goodies (photos, photobooks, magazines) / figures / Pinky St./ Japanese study material / merchandising / stationary etc.

PART 3 - Japanese manga, magazines, artbooks, photobook, movie pamphlets

Directly from Japan to all over the WORLD!

Positive feedback from over 120 buyers so far!
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